Intelligent Promotion

If you want to win more online shoppers


Imagine if you could transform your VDPs into persuasive selling tools that lead the online buying journey right to your dealership.

Intelligent Promotion elevates your digital merchandising, making it easy to create bold, vehicle‑specific stories so your inventory stands out. And since more than 60% of online shoppers spend time on your VDP carousels, there’s no better place to drive more engagement—and more leads.

A composite graphic showcasing different features offered by vAuto for automotive merchandising. The image displays a laptop with three cars on the left and three sections labeled ‘TEXT & IMAGE OVERLAYS,’ ‘SMART FIELDS,’ and ‘BILLBOARDS’ on the right. The ‘TEXT & IMAGE OVERLAYS’ section shows three Ford car models with labels indicating they are on sale. The ‘SMART FIELDS’ section displays vehicle details such as mileage and price. The ‘BILLBOARDS’ section displays an array of car images with a blue banner overhead containing logos and placeholder text

Merchandise more efficiently with attention-grabbing promotions you can scale across your inventory.

Inventory Groups

Apply promotions to select groups of inventory to save time

Smart Fields

Automatically pull vehicle-specific information to create text overlays without editing each listing

Image Overlays

Images placed to complement other promotional layers

Text Overlays

Important callouts your customers care about


Your own images placed within the photo set to differentiate your dealership

Simple Backgrounding

Bring focus to the vehicle by utilizing a standardized stock background on the first image to remove extraneous objects from view

Start creating standout VDP carousels that sell with Intelligent Promotion.