Make the most of every recon investment.

A one-size-fits-all recon plan can really cost you. If you spend too much (or too little) on recon, your gross profits could be seriously impacted. vAuto’s iRecon makes it easy to tailor recon plans based on each vehicle’s individual needs. With a more custom recon strategy, you can boost ROI – giving you confidence in every investment.

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The iRecon software identifies areas for improvement and uncovers opportunities your current recon process may be missing. It’s designed to build custom recon plans, so you can make the best investment decisions for each used car and maximize your ROI potential.

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Reconditioning ROI Calculator

Check out the Reconditioning ROI Calculator to see what improving your recon can do for your profits.


How Murgado Automotive Group maximized profits across 18 rooftops.

Enhance your recon ROI with a more targeted recon strategy.

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