Profits are strong right now. Keep ’em that way. Provision’s better data and metrics ensure retail profitability even with today’s higher inventory costs.

Get the Metrics That Matter

Only Provision® gives you virtually 100% of the data you need to make all the money you should be making. Get the clarity of vAuto’s Live Market View showing you — in real time — an accurate picture of all the vehicles in your market to know how to stock, appraise, price and list to maximize profits.


If you don’t know a vehicle’s actual mileage, you don’t know its actual rank in your market. Only Provision’s vRank gives you the vehicle’s rank by price + odometer to let you see with accuracy how it stacks up against the competition. Check out our cheat sheet.

Multi-trim Comparison

Get an accurate “like mine” view of any vehicle with data on multiple trim features to compare it and price it with true accuracy against those on competitive lots in your market.

Auto Distance

Other tools don’t give you all the data you need to actually price to your market, whatever you wish it to be. Auto Distance does. It automatically expands or contracts your range with all information you need to price effectively.


This pricing metric automatically increases the price of a vehicle to the maximum price within its rank for the guidance you need to get every dollar of potential profit without negatively impacting turn.

Better data. Better decisions. Better profits.

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Ed Tonkin

Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships

Portland, Oregon

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Alison Spitzer

Spitzer Automotive Group

Cleveland, Ohio

Gain In Gross

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Rob Berman

Nate Wade Subaru

Salt Lake City, Utah

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