Leave used car mistakes in the past.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re in a never-ending cycle of searching, acquiring, pricing and selling inventory.

Provision® from vAuto helps you do it all faster and with greater accuracy. You’ll gain access to actionable insights to price and appraise your vehicles to maximize profits.

That’s what dealer Bradley Berndt experienced when he broke from his old routines and went from 30 cars sold per month to 80+ with Provision.

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Watch how Bradley nearly tripled his monthly sales.

Attention Stockwave users:

You’ve already seen how Stockwave is proven to help you acquire more of the right cars for your dealership.
Now, you can appraise, price and move those cars with the same precision using Provision.

Provision prevents you from making these costly mistakes …

Wasting time pricing car-by-car just to end up selling them for less

Acquiring the wrong cars for your market, aging out inventory and slowing your turn

Using an inconsistent appraisal method that sinks your profits

See how Provision makes it easier to sell more used cars every month.

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