Separate yourself from the competition and add transparency that builds customer trust by including 360-degree spin images from SnapLot 360 in your Autotrader Market Extension listings.

SnapLot 360 allows you to easily create an immersive digital experience that today’s modern buyer demands and efficiently manage your merchandising and listing media all within vAuto.

With SnapLot’s 360-degree spin images, you’ll help buyers feel more comfortable and confident about the vehicle, especially when it is outside their local area. Combined with Autotrader Market Extension, SnapLot 360 helps your listings overcome any distance by providing the clarity that closes online deals.

Offer the full, 360-degree picture with SnapLot 360.

Make your merchandising stand out with SnapLot 360:

  • vAuto With SnapLot 360 Technology — SnapLot 360 is now available in vAuto and works seamlessly with your new and used inventory management systems and existing processes.
  • Enhanced Listings — Easily capture exterior and interior* 360s with the capability to extract video including automated features overlay and voiceover that improve your listings and fully engage shoppers.
  • Interactive Experience — Panoramic views and custom and automatic hot spot tagging let customers explore any vehicle while drawing their attention to key features.
  • Increased Speed to Market — Using most smartphones, one walk-around automatically creates photos, 360 and video, so you can start developing rich listings as soon as your vehicles hit the lot.
  • Syndication to Autotrader and More — Syndicate interior and exterior 360s to Autotrader and other top website providers in the industry.

*Interior 360 captures require the use of a RICOH THETA camera.