Let’s turn old wholesale wisdom upside down.

They say playing in a market with higher returns means accepting more risk. We say you take the upside. We'll take the risk.

Upside is the all-new way to wholesale. Experience the best way to get big wholesale profits in any market. With a guaranteed minimum price on every vehicle, you never risk a loss. And when a vehicle sells for more than our guarantee, you keep the lion’s share of the upside.

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Sale Highlights

97.7% Of MMR
21 AVG. Bids / Car
13.1K VDP Views

We put in four cars we didn’t want into Upside. The guarantee was fair, but  when the smoke cleared, we did phenomenally. We were like, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s so much bidding activity. This is brilliant.’  Instead of four cars, we wish we had those other 25 cars in there.

Jeremiah Mowry, Sr. Director of Operations at Atlanta Auto Brokers
Jeremiah Mowry

Before Upside, we would have taken our chances on another auction and we probably would have taken a loss. Upside has given us an alternative to taking losses at wholesale and that has really helped, especially with the fluctuation of the market right now.

David Ortiz, VP of Variable Operations at Castle Automotive Group
David Ortiz

Sound too good to be true?

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