You take the upside.
We’ll take the risk.

Listen to Dale Pollak and Derek Hansen talk about what the promise of Upside means to wholesale dealers.

What could be better for wholesale sellers?

Cox Automotive is about to redefine the reward/risk equation for wholesale sellers with Upside™ — a solution that maximizes your returns while removing any risk of loss. Using Upside as a part of your standard vAuto workflow allows you to:

  • Make more money wholesaling with easy access to a new marketplace that combines the scale of Manheim with the playbook of the country’s best remarketers.
  • Never risk a loss with a guaranteed floor price you see before you decide to wholesale. If it sells for more than the guarantee, you keep a lion’s share of the upside.
  • Spend no time prepping or listing on any vehicle you sell. A concierge will come to your location to certify the condition. We handle the listing. Buyers handle the transport. And all you do is collect the money.

Sound too good to be true?

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