Whole Truth: By Dale Pollak

Learn a fresh money-making method to selling wholesale.

In “Whole Truth,” Dale Pollak, best-selling author and highly regarded innovator in automotive retail, examines the most misunderstood side of your business.

Long regarded as a money-losing proposition, wholesale selling can now be a reliable source of revenue. Pollak describes how the rise of new technologies, data science, and a more efficient wholesale marketplace offers dealers an opportunity to create a “double-barreled” business in their used vehicle departments. The book also introduces one of those new technologies — Cox Automotive’s all-new way to wholesale, Upside.

You take the upside. We’ll take the risk.

This wholesale remarketing solution redefines the risk/reward equation for sellers. From inside your standard vAuto workflow, Upside gives dealers easy access to a one-of-a-kind wholesale marketplace where the lion’s share of the high returns goes to you. But any losses on vehicles that sell for less are covered by Cox Automotive.

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